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These mp3 files are samples, and are not the complete versions of the songs  

Song File/Title Format File Size
Set us Off-Sample.mp3 mp3 1:30 (1.4 MB)
Wound Up-Sample.mp3 mp3 1:53 (1.8 MB)
So Real-Sample.mp3 mp3 1:04 (1.0 MB)
Breathe In-Sample.mp3 mp3 1:20 (1.2 MB)
Sweet Revenge-Sample.mp3 mp3 1:22 (1.3 MB)
Wicked Earth-Sample.mp3 mp3 1:20 (1.2 MB)
Grace-Sample.mp3 mp3 1:01 (0.9 MB)
Supernatural-Sample.mp3 mp3 1:53 (1.4 MB)
Wide-eyed-Sample.mp3 mp3 0:54 (0.8 MB)


To listen to all full versions of songs in real audio, click here

Real Audio

These are full samples of the songs in Real Audio format  

Song File/Title Format File Size
So Real.rm real audio - 56kb 3:39 (875 KB)
Breathe In.rm real audio - 28kb 4:34 (728 KB)
Supernatural.rm real audio - 28kb 4:05 (992 KB)

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